Thursday, January 22, 2009


Don’t jump to conclusion: Masidi


Sabah Education Exco Datuk Masidi Manjun wants an investigation to be conducted into the allegation that pupils of a school there had to study without proper facilities because the contractor did not finish building the cabin classrooms.

Masidi who is also the Karanaan Assemblyman, said there is a need to find out what had actually happened before jumping to any conclusions.

We should not jump to conclusion and blame the Education Department as we have to find out if the project was tendered out or if it was abandoned by the contractor,” the Tourism. Culture and Environment Minister said.

Speaking to reporters after launching the Sushi King outlet in lBorneo yesterday, Masidi said he had not heard of any case where a Contractor abandoned the project.

“I know that one of the school’s buildings collapsed because of termites but no one told me that the contractor failed to complete the project. I have also informed my officer to arrange camps for the pupils to use as temporary classrooms,” he said.

Masidi added that he was informed by the State Deputy Education Department Director hat the Ranau Education Officer is aware of the problem and is doing something about it.

“However, it is incumbent on the Department to ensure that every construction is well monitored and that problems should be reported to the superiors so that rectifying measures can be taken,” he said, adding that the Education Department cannot be blamed if no one officially reports the matter.