Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Cops face stern action if caught patronising entertainment spots


Stern action will be taken against Police officers and personnel who are caught patronising entertainment outlets.

This warning was given by the Acting City Police Chief, Superintendent Rowell Marong, yesterday, who stressed that the matter is nothing new but still, there are a few who continue to
ignore it and patronise night spots.

“I am giving you (Police Excellence Service Award 2007 recipients, yesterday. officers and personnel) a stern warning. I will not hesitate to take action against those who are caught visiting entertainment outlets without any official tasks ... I am serious,” he told reporters after the monthly Karamunsing Police gathering, here.

He said for those who are on duty at entertainment outlets, they should first get his approval and to jot it down in their report book.

“There have been frequent reports in the mass media about the negative attitude of Police officers and personnel, and as a result, the public is looking down on us.
“The bad impression brought about by the handful of Police officers and personnelare rubbing offon the others. Their negative attitude has tarnished the Force’s image,” he said.

Rowell urged Police officers and personnel to get them selves equipped with knowledge and skills to better improve themselves and provide the best
services to the people.

“This Is in line with the Royal Malaysian Police Force’s mission and vision.

“The challenges are becoming more complicated and the criminals are Becoming smarter. If we continue to live in our comfort zone, we will be left behind. Do we want to be left out by the people or do we want to continue to serve and protect the public?” he asked.