Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tan, Yee urged to solve issues affecting Chinese community


Chinese State Cabinet members have been urged to get serious in solving issues affecting the Chinese community, instead of attempting to evade responsibility by accusing their critics of politicizing issues.

“As responsible elected representatives, they (the Chinese State Cabinet members) should immediately go down to the ground to find out for themselves the problems affecting the people, instead of simply accusing others of politicizing the issues,” Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Information Chief Chong Pit Fah said in a statement issued here yesterday.

He was responding to a recent statement by Deputy Chief Minister cum State Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Raymond Tan, who accused him (Chong) of politicizing the issue of the high pork price in the market.

Chong who is SAPP Kepayan CLC Chairman, had earlier urged the Chinese State Cabinet members to look into the issue of high pork price affecting the Chinese community.
He especially noted that the current high pork price in the market had not only affected the pig farmers and the pork sellers but also the consumers, who are the worse hit.
He further argued that as a “concerned- and - people - oriented” political party, SAPP is duty bound to highlight the plights of the people.

Chong also reminded the other Chinese member of the State Cabinet, Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai to take action to resolve the issue.

He claimed to have received numerous complaints that the present Government policy governing the pig farming industry in the State was largely to be blamed for the recent exorbitant hike in the pork price.

“We were made to understand that many are keen to go into pig farming but they just don’t get the chance. Perhaps our learned Chinese State Cabinet members could look into this and shed some light on it,” he said.

Chong also finds the recent explanation given by the pig farmers in the State over the drastic increase of the pork price unacceptable.

He argued that if the cost of feed in Sabah is 20 per cent more compared to Peninsular Malaysia, the price of pork in Sabah should only cost slightly over RM700 per 100kg and not over RM900 as, the same amount of pork only costs RM600 in Peninsular Malaysia.